Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Suffering is a gift. In it is hidden mercy." -Rumi

It is amazing to recall the ups and downs over the last five years of my life. I went through a rough divorce and found comfort in all the wrong places. That was the jumping off point for a downward spiral. Too many vices, too little time. I had family (i.e. parental) troubles thrown on top of that emotional heap. After being torn every which way and trying to make sense of it all, a bright light shone into my life. I was introduced to Islam. I fell in love with the Beloved and everything began to change.
I moved to Egypt. I became a Muslim. I got married and I now have the most wonderful people in my life. It was a year of changes.
"The highs are hidden in the lows. Spring is imminent in fall. Don't run away from anything." -Rumi

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